"Achieve Maximum Empowerment"
"Sacred Mind-Loving Heart-Pure Essence"

               Fortier Health Institute    Delhaye Pediatric Centre

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Love and Truth Are Two Sides of The Same Coin

-Mahatma Gandhi

Michele Delhaye, OTR/L CYT CEIM

Holistic Therapy Practitioner & Founder Delhaye Pediatric Centre

Michael Fortier, LMT MTI 

 Founder of Fortier Health Institute

Michele Delhaye has been a pediatric occupational therapist since 1995.  Michele's expertise with premature infants, newborns, children, prenatal & postnatal women health needs, she skillfully incorporates thousands of hours of advanced hands-on techniques. Having  studied with Doctor's of Osteopathy, Surgeons, Neonatologists, OB/GYN doctors top in their respective fields, Michele has obtained advanced certifications in a variety of sub-specialty areas which includes: feeding & swallowing, lymphatic techniques, therapeutic yoga, food healing science advisor certification, infant massage certification, Reiki Master certification training which guides her family-focused practice maximizing your needs.

Michele's gentle skilled hands offer the newborn through adult client a safe and trusting experience.  Michele seamlessly allows the knowledge to work through her leaving preemies, newborns, infants, children and adult clients with immediate, life enhancing results.  Supporting ones life experiences such as brith, growing pains, falls, injuries, dis-eases, emotional distress, or sensory processing disruptions, her passion can only come from the selflessness of the giver embodying a sacred mind with a loving heart to experience pure essence (true significance of a person)! 

From the beginning of Michele's career as an occupational therapist, she is a sought after speaker who has presented on a host of topics for local, state and national organizations.  Recently in September 2016, Michele was an invited guest panelist speaker for NANT (National Association of Neonatal Therapists) providing an educational webinar on handling skills for parents of premature infants.    

Treating alongside Neonatologists, Gastroenterologists, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, Neurosurgeons,  Urologists, OB-GYN's, Geneticists, PM&R Pediatric Specialists, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, DO's, Lactation Specialists, Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Speech & Language Pathologists, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, Cardiologists, Massage Therapists has gained Michele recognition by receiving The Newborn Compassionate Award from Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.  

Constipation, reflux (GI motility relief), plagiocephaly-tortciollis (cranial deformation molding either acquired or congenital), feeding development, birth disruption, sleep-rest, fluid imbalance, breathing restrictions, movement limitations, scar or surgical impact upon the body and let's not forget play- are among the many benefits for infants, children and adults to receive occupational therapy based services.  Through her ongoing holistic practice on the care of each person/family, Michele gently interweaves her passion, skills & unique qualities into your most rewarding time at the Delhaye Pediatric Centre.

Passionate about the healing arts, Michele has been creating custom works of art/paintings for the past 30 years.  You can find her works of art for donation to community events such as the 2016 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.   Special art-painting series can often be found gracing the treatment environment in which she works.

Contact Michele through the Home Page to book an appointment or speaking presentation opportunity with her.

Opening her Private Practice June 2016 with Michael Fortier offering the community a wholistic approach to care of self/family, Michele remains associated OT-PRN with: The Woman's Hospital of Texas and Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center's NICU-Pediatric units.

Michael Fortier has been a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing full time for over 18 years in the Spring/Woodlands area since 1999. 

His specialty from hundred's of hours of study working with people of all ages utilizing osteopathic manual therapies from training with top Doctor's of Osteopathy, Medical Doctor's, Doctors of Chiropractic, Physical Therapist's, Occupational Therapist's, Medical Qigong and more to bring a truly clinical holistic approach to therapeutic bodywork. That addresses many common and uncommon muscular-skeletal, neurological, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, embryological/developmental, emotion/trauma, scar-release, fluid/lymphatic related conditions and much more with precision and specificity.

Since 2001 Michael has been providing full time clinical holistic skin care as a Licensed Aesthetician for Teenagers to Adults helping to address common conditions such Acne, Anti-Aging, therapeutic waxing, and more! 

Michael has been a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor since 2010 and a Educator since 2005 and strives to give fellow therapists and people the skills and tools to help them along their Path in Life.

As a triathlete, a two time Ironman Texas Finisher, and a former Baseball player he understands the many benefits of Sports Specific Therapy which help’s with Recovery and Performance.  This includes utilizing his training as a Posture Alignment Specialist and his Certification as a Fascial Movement Practitioner/Kinesio-Taping since 2014 to support/reverse common Movement Pattern/Postural Disruptions that can cause Referral and/or Localized Pain in the Body.

Michael since 2015 with Supreme Science Qigong Center is a Certified Qigong/Meditation Instructor in their Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Forms, Qigong/Tai Chi for Kids, 9 Breath Method and Breathe Empowerment (Pranayama). Also, since early 2017 with the Integral Institute of Qigong & Tai Chi he is a Certified Integral Qigong Practice Leader, soon to be Integral Tai Chi Practice Leader graduating from I.I.Q.T.'s 200 hour Certification Senior Leader Program November of 2018. 

He is also a Certified Food Healing Science Advisor since 2015 and experienced guiding people on how to use certain foods since 2001 as Wellness Advisor whether for maintaining health, auto-immune disorders, and more.  

Michael believes in looking at everyone as uniquely, wonderfully made individuals and each person has specific/precise needs for that day you come in. He does not prescribe, diagnose and/or make any prognoses and works hand in hand with many local Medical Professionals to help people of all ages from young to older to achieve maximum empowerment!