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Movement is the song of the Body

- Vanda Scaravelli


1 Hour Therapeutic Bodywork*

90 Minute Therapeutic Bodywork*

2 Hour Therapeutic Bodywork*

Therapeutic Bodywork Packages**

Modality Descriptions

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy/
Brain Therapy/Articular Fluid Release

Michael Fortier and Michele Delhaye

These Modalities focus on giving support, reversing conditions related to the Central/Peripheral/Enteric Nervous Systems, release's fluid restriction's (swelling) in the articular joint's and the Lymphatic System including Scar-Release work.  

Visceral Manipulation Therapy/
Visceral Applications for Pediatrics

Michele Delhaye and Michael Fortier

Visceral Manipulation Therapy takes into account how referral pain symptoms in the body can have a origin to a particular organ.  Not always but more often than not referral pain is due to a vital organ in distress.  With this gentle manual therapy and listening techniques.  We can often get to the root of what's causing dis-ease in the human body for newborns to elderly.  

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Michael Fortier (Northern and Southern Style)

This is a favorite of many people since it incorporates aspects of Deep Tissue, Yoga like postures/stretching, Acupressure and Reflexology.  It's also known as "lazy man's yoga" since therapist is doing all the work for you. You feel amazing after this Therapy.

Heart Centered Therapy

Michele Delhaye and Michael Fortier

As the name states this is a Heart Centered approach to removing pain in the body related to emotions from past injuries and/or traumas.  Also, is known to help people release these sensations that cause suffering from a loving, heart centered dialogue.  Heart Centered Therapy is about recognizing choices that were made, not re-traumatizing oneself all over again.  This is a must if you are having pain from a perceived unknown origin.

Neural Manipulation Therapy/
Manual Articular Approach

Michael Fortier

Neural Manipulation Therapy is another form of Manual Therapy that accesses the Central/Peripheral/Enteric Nervous Systems.  Our nerves are fascia and can be pulled, entrapped, impinged and more.  This therapy from a gentle approach help to reverse these restrictions that can keep us from moving the way our bodies are meant to.  Manual Articular Approach focuses on how the joints of the body act as crossroads for nerves, ligaments, muscles, fluid, arteries, veins and when restrictions occur in any one of those areas how it effects the body globally.


Michele Delhaye (Master- level certified)

Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on lite-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy" in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.Reiki touch therapy is used to relieve stress and painful areas, as well as to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.  This may be felt as amplification, transmission, relaxation, awareness as a modality path to receive inner peace.  "One can never master Reiki, as it belongs to no one, it is not a possession'.  Traditional Reiki ($100), Crystal -Reiki ($120) Meditative Art Journaling Class ($25), Training-Attunement-Certification Classes (Reiki I-III $250-450) are all available. 

Hand-Foot-Ear Reflexology

Michael Fortier

This Session utilizes all three Reflex zones of the human body.  Reflex means that its an area of the body when manipulated sends a signal thru nerve endings to a particular area of the body.  Utilizing all three zones is known to be very beneficial for common conditions from Asthma, Diabetes, Hormone Imbalances and more.
(One Hour Session $80, 90 Min Session $120)*

Sports Specific Therapy

Michael Fortier

As a former athlete, multiple triathlon finisher and two time Ironman Texas finisher.  Have a understanding of what is needed for athlete's to Recover and Perform at their Peak Level.  Each sport has its own needs and all is looked at to give you the edge you need to Perform at your best.

Postural/Fascial Movement Taping

Michael Fortier (RockTape Certified) and Michele Delhaye 

Postural and Fascial Movement Taping can help rehab from injuries and most of be a preventative to injuries.  Specific taping can be done to support/reverse postural imbalances, kinetic chain disruptions that prevent us from moving how we are meant to.  Plus it helps with going Longer, Stronger and Harder. 

Myofascial Release/Trigger Point Therapy

Michele Delhaye and Michael Fortier

Both of these amazing Therapies take into account the complex network of fascial connections in the human body.  These Therapies are known to correct postural imbalances,  increase relaxation, increase performance and much much more.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Bodywork

Michael Fortier

This is a must for mom to be and baby growing.  Studies have shown that regular therapeutic bodywork during pregnancy has an overall effect on a average decrease in labor time, less post-partum, baby grows on average after birth faster and healthier.  Doctor's approval required if any complications arise that need medical supervision.
(One hour $90)*

Craniosacral/Somato Release Therapy

Michael Fortier and Michele Delhaye

Craniosacral Therapy reverse's restriction's of the Central Nervous System by accessing the rhythm of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that is emitted as it flows thru the Spinal Cord and Ventricles within the Brain.  This Therapy is also known to help release Emotions that are directly and/or indirectly related to suppressed memories, trauma and more.

Lypossage Therapy

Certified Zone 1 & 2 Michael Fortier

Lypossage is a combination of body contouring, physical therapy techniques, deep tissue techniques and decongestion.  One of the main benefits is a reduction in dimension (inch loss) in respective Zones.  Zone 1 focuses from Knees to all of Upper Legs, Glutes (Butt), up to the Navel.  Zone 2 focuses from the Navel up the underarms, the entirety of upper arms and entire back from low back to just under the back of the neck. Average inch loss is anywhere from 4.5 inches to as much as 11 total inches lost over the course of 6 weeks of treatment coming in 3 times a week for a total of 18 sessions.  Contact to inquire about consultation and price.