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Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements

Maria Montessori - an Italian physician, educator, and innovator

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Occupational Therapy Treatment Session (30-75 minutes)

Infant-Parent Massage Class (private) 
 **no referral needed**

Yoga Therapy Private Sessions (45-90 minutes) 

Occupational Therapy as defined from AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) offers a distinct value to improve health and quality of life through facilitating participation and engagement in meaningful activity.

Infants and children 'occupations' include sleep, eating, bonding with parents/caregivers, play and learning.  You will find at DPC (Delhaye Pediatric Centre) we believe in a family focused approach to achieve positive outcomes.  Whether your infant (premature) or child has already been referred to an OT (occupational therapist), or you are simply wondering if Delhaye Pediatric Centre can provide additional support-resources for specific conditions (for example: reflux, colic, constipation, sleep concerns, movement concerns, breathing, self regulation-sensory modulation needs) we want you to know we work with your infant/child and you to gain their individual needs, supporting him/her to be the best they are meant to be in their lifetime.
Why OT? 
As a profession we will support development through play activities appropriate for your infant/child incorporating family values to support independent learning and developmental function.  Michele Delhaye believes in a unique holistic approach to support the achievement of healthy learning and wellness directed by the level of participation needs for premature infants, newborns, infants, children through adulthood.  We will be exploring a wide range of sub specialty manual therapies provided through gentle hands on support of body systems/ areas such as the visceral system, the lymphatic system, the sensory system, the motor system, the visual system, the respiratory system in addition to traditional areas looked at during an assessment/treatment sessions (self-help, play, coping/relationships, academics, etc).

Treatment (Movement for Growth, Development, Health) interventions may include (not limited to) 
  • Regulation Arousal Levels (sleep, wake)
  • Oral-Feeding Needs (growth and development, oral coordination, swallowing development)
  • Refinement Sensory Processing (attention-focus to learn, heart centered modalities)
  • Motor Planning Skills (quality of interactions & growth-development)
  • Play Skills 
  • Balance Improvement (yoga therapy)
  • Elimination rhythm (constipation, GI motility)

Hands to Listen 
An OT's hands pick up on areas of the restriction, areas in the body that may not move so well.  Listening to the body's system's, it's needs & concerns guides an individualized session for better breathing, better movement, better communication with our joints, muscles, tissues, blood, fluids, brain (cognition-learning), emotional cellular experiences from birth or childhood illnesses/injuries. 
Improved postural support, positioning, restful play addresses cranial molding, torticollis-plagiocephaly restrictions, feeding-elimination ease in a comfortable, safe, pain free environment fostering love, care and concern.  

“You can discover more about a person in a hour of play than a year of conversation. ” 
— Plato

Private individual treatment room, infants may be held, supported in hammock, padded therapy floor mat, raised comfortable massage table, seated for play with toys and movement - learning are a few of the experiences offered.

Home Instruction
Learning and practice are Integral to neural pathway development, this is how home activities incorporated into your daily routine sustain a holistic approach to the infant/child following treatment sessions. As your infant/child leads us through their custom session, suggestions for home may include play activities to support breathing, elimination, rest-mediation, exercise-strengthening, nutritional benefits of food, essential oils-relaxation-support of body systems or massage strokes.  Understanding with education related to infant-child and/or parent adult health is supported with additional adult focused treatment sessions provided by Delhaye Pediatric Centre Fortier Health Institute (prenatal support, postpartum support, pelvic health, breast health, scar care).

Delhaye Pediatric Centre is here when you need us!  *A physician referral (MD, NNP, PA, PhD) will be required to attend occupational therapy only services